100 Days

Naomi Chan

This project is one hundred visuals representations documenting the first one hundred days and inauguration of Donald Trump’s presidency. It comprised of newsprint posters and digitally projected images. The digital images are projected in correct order with the other posters. Each poster is 24 inches by 36 inches. The entire wall display is 27 feet by 35 feet. My main sources of information are the New York Times, NPR, BBC, Countable, Democracy Now as well as others sources. Each day, the work makes visual responses to either a particular event or general activity of the Trump administration. It is a documentation of history in increments. Though the aspect of time is evident the work creates an archive; it condenses time to a singular work which also is based on many actions, responses, thoughts and feelings. In the political world, last week's news could feel like one year ago. With so many actions done by Trump in a short amount of time, it has caused a chain reaction of responses by those in the opposition to his presidency. He has caused a swell of emotions and opinions in our two sided system. I wish to express this time in our history because it is necessary that people do not forget this time and to increase the pressure on the president.

This is 100 visuals representing the first 100 days of Trump's presidency.

January 20

Inaguration day

January 21

Trump lies about how big of a crowd his was than to Obama's.

January 22

Spicer comes out and still makes lies about crowd

January 23

An executive order reinstating the "Mexico City" abortion policy.

January 24

Trumps signs executive order for DAPL

January 25

Resist flag has been hung above White House overnight.

January 26

Trump and UK Prime Minister meet / Mexico President resigns his meeting after Trumps makes assumptions about Mexico paying for the wall

January 27

A travel ban on primarily Muslim countries.

January 28

Darweesh vs Trump Order. First case against travel ban and won against the ban.

January 29

Shooting in a mosque in Quebec, Canada.

January 30

Travel Ban.

January 31

Hot air.

February 1

Gorsuch was chosen by Trump administration for the Supreme Court Justice. Octet Sakowin Tribe boycotting gets bullied by the military.

February 2

Black History Month Trump makes speech.

February 3

Pressure and criticism on CEO of Uber; during travel ban protest at JFK, taxi unions stand in solidarity by stopping their services during the busiest hours of the night. Uber continues services during protest, also lowering prices, not paying their majority Muslim workforce.

February 4

Trump wants his female employees to "Dress Like Women"

February 5

New York Times title ‘Not Loan Wolves After All’ ; People of Muslim majority countries fight against the Travel Ban.

February 6


February 7

Power hierarchy.

February 8

Betsy Devos elected for Department of education.

February 9

Gorsuch under pressure of G.O.P.

February 10

Judges refuse to reinstate Travel Ban.

February 11

North Carolina bill forcing people to go to bathrooms of their birth gender.

February 12

All seeing eye of G.O.P. administration

February 13

Different views of Syrian refugees

February 14

Micheal Flynn resigns

February 15

Mixture of Russian and American flag

February 16

Trump meets with Israel Prime Minister at White House

February 17

Scott Pruitt lets the earth melt away

February 18

How Trump represents Americans to the rest of the world.

February 19

Public worries Mar-a-Lago allows for people who have club memberships to have the influence on the president's decisions.

February 20

Graffiti on World Trade Center “No Brain No Pain”

February 21

McMasters replaces Michael Flynn

February 22

Bill in North Dakota that would criminalize protesters

February 23

Pushing away one neighbor, bringing one closer.

February 24

Bannon driving force behind the bans.

February 25

Trump bans reporters out of conference

February 26

In Trumps new budget, lots get cuts but not the Military.

February 27

EPA gets a budget cut.

February 28

Environment, Science, Poverty, Art, and Education get budget cuts in the new budget.

March 1

Bomb threats against Jewish Centers jumps

March 2

Trumps First Address to Congress Speech

March 3

Jeff Sessions

March 4

G.O.P. wants to switch to Merit System Immigration laws.

March 5

Allegations that Obama wiretapped Trump’s phone

March 6

Obama denies tapping Trumps phones.

March 7

FBI leaks top-secret documents/hacking operation to Wikileaks; Vault 7

March 8

Senator criticizes poor people on the “technologies” they buy over healthcare.

March 9

GOP Healthcare bill in House for almost 24 hours.

March 10

The new head of EPA doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is the main cause of Global Warming.

March 11

Money seems more to be more important than the earth.

March 12

Democrats want Trump to have a log of where he goes in The White House and Mar-a-Lago.

March 13

Warrant out for a Russian hacker that was possibly involved with 2016 Presidential Elections

March 14

24,000,000 people would lose coverage in G.O.P.’s new healthcare bill. The new bill will be structured like a carrot - biggest plan to small plans.

March 15

America’s treasury hits it’s debt limit, while Trump releases his 2005 taxes and he claims $300,000,000.

March 16

Angela Merkel the new leader of the free world.

March 17

St. Patricks day, Prime Minister of Ireland speaks in The White House.

March 18

President Donald Trump tries to boost the declining coal industry

March 19

FBI investigates Russian influence in any form during the 2016 US Elections.

March 20

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch begins confirmation hearing

March 21

Neil Grouch confirmation hearing day 2

March 22

Neil Grouch confirmation hearing day 3, as well as terrorist attacks on Parliament Westminster

March 23

Terrorist attacks on Parliament Westminster still linger

March 24

G.O.P. Healthcare Bill doesn’t have enough support

March 25

ISIS war take over of Mosul rages on. Protests in London about Brexit

March 26

Nightclub shooting in Cincinnati

March 27

Protests in Russia against Putin

March 28

Strong pursuit on gaining Mosul back leads to the largest number of casualties by American Military.

March 29

Trumps Executive Order Intended to Dismantle Obama Plan on Curbing Carbon

March 30

China uses G.O.P. backtrack as an opportunity to move forward in Climate Change movement

March 31

North Carolina Bathroom Law Repeal; A bill that prevented States from defunding Abortion Providers was overturned.

April 1

Lots of cases that fought the President on the Immigration law.

April 2

Power couple of the Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner; Ivanka working as the President's advisor, Kushner serving the White House as an unpaid government employee.

April 3

President of China plans to come to Mar-a-Lago and Trump and Kushner welcome him.

April 4

Mexico-American border wall applications due from companies.

April 5

Trump lets go of Bannon from National Security Council.

April 6

Senate goes nuclear to vote Gorsuch in as Supreme Court Justice.

April 7

Trump strikes 59 missiles at Syrian airfield within 63 hours, where the chemical bombs were released onto the public. This as a message to Syria, in hopes they will ‘never’ use them again.

April 8


April 9

Chechen Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says.

April 10

Trump sends air carrier ship toward North Korea; ‘to send a message’.

April 11

Rex Tillerson claims Russia is ‘Incompetent’; He ties to convince Russia that Assad isn't an Allie.

April 12

Trump wants to take a more aggressive approach to North Korean threats.

April 13

Russia losing trust in US after US missiles fired

April 14

Tax March to pressure Trump to release taxes; EPA chief calls for a Exit from Paris Climate Agreement

April 15

North Korea fires missile at east coast of South Korea.

April 16

Easter Egg Roll at the White House; White House orders 18,000 wooden eggs for participants

April 17

US, North Korea, and Russia showin muscle.

April 18

U.S. District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson granted an injunction Wednesday halting a Fort Collins ordinance that prohibited women from showing their breasts in public; Trump doesn't release taxes even when the IRS says he can show them during an audit.

April 19

Aircraft carriers don't go where they say they are, instead, are headed toward Australia.

April 20

Documents found that prove Russian hackers influenced in 2016 Presidential elections through media and social media; first documentation was in June and another from October; So more policies would sway in the favor of Russia.

April 21

Terrorist attack on Paris before the election time; Marine Le Pen vs. Emmanuel Macron; Candidates situation much like U.S. presidential candidates.

April 22

Earth Day, people March for Science worldwide.

April 23

The risk of Government shut down because Trump would not let go the America-Mexico border.

April 24

Ivanka Won Exclusive Trademarks in China the Same Day She Dined with Chinese Leader

April 25

Sanders possibly starts new political party for 2020

April 26

Steve Mnuchin states in Fox interview that more money will go to Military and beats around the bush when asked about the tax cut in new budget - like Trumps own business.

April 27

Tax cuts on Businesses (big and small) from 35% to 15% to make a “more competitive” market.

April 28

Protests in resistance of Donald Trump.

April 29

Things Trump has gotten done from his campaign promises in his first 100 days.